Welcome to First Atlantic Bank. We offer full scale banking services designed to meet the diverse needs of our esteemed clients.

With nearly 20 years of banking experience, First Atlantic Bank is equipped with the requisite local knowlegde, global exposure and a robust IT architecture to deliver an exciting world-class banking experience for you.

Our pride is in our highly motivated team; among the best-trained you'll ever find anywhere. Ever ready to deliver the Purple Xperience

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The Purple Xperience
Inspired & Driven By You.

The Purple Xperience is First Atlantic
Bank's vision of simplified, fun and
stress-free banking.

It is designed to give you absolute peace
of mind and the maximum control
possible over your banking experience.

Quite simply, because YOU deserve the
very best.


Our Mission

We will lead in service, trade and investment flows into and across Africa

Our Vision

To be the leader in service, trade and investment flows into and across Africa.

Core Values

We value Integrity, Customer Focus, Astuteness, Relentless Resolve and Empathy.

These values represent ideals that each member of our select and diverse team strives to abide by. They underpin our collective effort to provide sterling service to you.

You can learn more about our core values here.

Atlantic Place, No. 1 Seventh Avenue, Ridge West Accra, Ghana.
Tel : +233 (0) 30 268 2203
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Our Core Values X


We value openness, transparency and fairness when dealing with our cherished customers and other stakeholders

Customer Oriented

We are driven by the well-being and utmost satisfaction of our customers. This drive motivates us to anticipate their needs, advise them and help resolve their challenges with modern and innovative solutions.


We demonstrate insightful prudence and wisdom in our engagements with our customers and other stakeholders. This enables us to consistently deliver excellent results with the utmost professionalism.


We persevere in our ultimate goal to deliver excellent service


We approach challenges from the customer’s perspective. This enables us to deliver timeless solutions that truly satisfy